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Your Best Self

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Hello, You

I’m Kelly Self

Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Cosmetologist, and Nutritionist are a few of my credentials. Inspired by my last name and my love for people I decided to take on the mission of helping others reclaim their true identity and create a life they will love!

It’s my desire to help as many people as possible take their life to the next level. I have found that many people are craving more and it’s my goal to help them get to that sweet spot in life. Life’s too short to only go through the motions!

A 30 day guide to a healthy relationship with food and your true self.

Your Best Self

In this book I share with you simple recipes and principles that I live by and share with my clients. These tips can help you transform your life and your body without a lot of cost and time. After all, smart women keep it simple!

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Are you a dreamer? Or do you simply have a desire for more in your life? If so, there's a reason, you were created for more! Stop playing small and let's make your dreams your reality! One step in the right direction can change everything! Take a few minutes to fill out a simple form to see if we are a match to begin to make things happen!

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What my client's say

“I did her 30 day program and realized right off, that I didn’t have a gluten allergy, I have a processed food allergy. If it has lots of ingredients that I can’t pronounce, then I can’t eat it. I am now 5 weeks into my 12 week transformation and not only do I no longer have headaches, but have lost a total of 24 lbs and TONS of inches all over. I have gone from a size 22-24 to a size 16!!! I feel SOOOOOO much better and have tons more energy. I have also learned to take time for me and that YES!!!…you do actually need to rest your body…even us busy, working moms. I am well on my well to being the best ME I can be!..Fierce and Fabulous! ”

Monika Priddy

“My journey…. I was introduced to Kelly’s program by a dear friend in July 2015. I was at a point in my life that I was looking for a lifestyle change, not the next fad diet. I wanted to be healthy, lose weight and be able to exercise again. Through Kelly’s Self Improvement Program, I have been able to achieve those goals. I have lost 42 lbs,!! I am exercising consistently and becoming stronger every day. I have more mental clarity, and over all I am feeling more healthy. This program has changed my life. I love the meal plans, exercise videos and of course Coach Kelly! Thank you so much Kelly!”

Betty Webb

“I’m so lucky to be a part of this and work with Kelly and all the other wonderful ladies in the online group. I am able to wear clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in over 3 years and for the first time in a long time I look forward to swimsuit shopping. Thank you Kelly for all you do and continue to do. You are amazing!!”

Alison Gusler

“I started my journey with Coach Kelly in August of 2014. I was 20 pounds’ overweight and ready for a change. With her weekly encouragement and faith in my ability to take charge of my eating habits, I was able to achieve my goals. With her continued guidance I am still on a healthy journey that keeps me on the path of the goals I set for myself. Thank you Coach Kelly for all you do to empower us and help us achieve the best version of ourselves!”

Angela Powell

My programs are designed to give you results in as little as one week. However, the greatest transformations
are every 21 days!


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