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I owned my own hair salon for 20 years so I am no stranger to the importance of hair to a woman…or a man for that matter. Truthfully, most all of us have a relationship with our hair. Even if it’s just the inconvenience of it for the man that has to get his hair cut every 2 weeks.

Over the years I have had clients that would drive from other states for me to color their hair because they knew that I would do my very best to give them what they wanted. When it comes to weddings, holidays, class reunions, prom day, and other special occasions hair is one of the main focuses for most people. Let’s face it, the right hairstyle makes all of us look better.

Women have came to me to shave their heads in the past because they didn’t want to go through the trauma of gradually losing their hair during treatment after receiving a cancer diagnosis. I have shaved the heads of supportive men that wanted to show their significant other that they stood with them during this battle of bravery against cancer. I also remember a dear friend of mine picking our her wig and cute berets when she had received her cancer diagnosis. Hairstyles short and long or even the lack of it can make a profound statement.
I also personally know what it means to lose your hair by the handfuls. There was a time in my life that I went through so much stress that I was honestly afraid that every bit of my hair was going to fall out. Man or woman, I don’t think any of us are keen on the idea of washing our hair down the drain.
Recently in my online society that I created specifically for women, “Your Best Self Society”, the subject of hair loss came up so I thought what better way to address it and share some tips than to blog about it. I hope these tips will help those of you that want to take care of your hair and perhaps it will help keep it healthy so that it will grow longer and thicker.

What you use on your hair matters so don’t focus on getting a deal in this department….that is if you want healthy hair. You will truly get what you pay for when it comes to high quality hair products. Another tip, have a good relationship with your stylist and listen to your gut. If you get the feeling that your stylist isn’t listening or doesn’t care, you’re probably right. A good stylist will want to make sure that you know that they are giving you the very best and that they are listening to you when it comes to your hair and what YOU want. Your stylist should be familiar with your hair, how it grows, how you like it styled, colored, cut, etc. and sometimes they can even save your life. That may sound a bit extreme but your stylist is able to see moles, or other skin abnormalities that you may not be able to see. I had a client in the past that was very thankful that I mentioned a place on the back of his neck to him because it turned out to be cancerous and he had to have it removed. A professional stylist will also notice any changes in your hair and also help you avoid breakage or hair loss.
Here are a few tips that I can share with you that will help assure you that you are giving your locks the very best love and attention that it needs to be at it’s healthiest state~

*Do not use cheap shampoo, conditioner or other hair products. I personally love Biolage, Joico, Paul Mitchell, Chi, and Pureology. I offer clients my services today at a prestigious salon & spa and we offer an array of professional products for your hair and your skin. If your stylist ever tells you that it does not matter what you are using on your hair I assure you that they do not have your hair’s best interest at heart. If your stylist makes a recommendation for your hair it is your hair prescription! Your hair is a form of art and your stylist will want it to look it’s best for you everyday.

*Treat you hair to a conditioning treatment once a week. Make sure that your hair is hydrated to avoid breakage and split ends. I have people that often comment on how shiny my hair is and it’s simply because I do exactly what I am telling you to do. Taking care of my tresses has helped me to be able to enjoy a variety of hairstyles over the years. My hair typically grows out very fast because I treat it well. If you want your hair to grow faster follow these simple tips. As with anything what you put into it you will get out of it.

*Do not over style your hair with heat. I have witnessed a lot of teenagers in my years of owning a dance studio damage their hair by flat ironing it until they literally burned their hair off. You cannot run a flat iron over and over your hair multiple times during the day and think that your hair is going to be healthy. Take a break from the flat iron and wear your hair more tousled (living at the beach has taught me to quit fighting the humidity and embrace the messy look whenever possible) and I save my heat styled hair days for when it truly matters. If you can wear your hair up it not only looks classy, it keeps you from having to shampoo and dry your hair every day which can strip out the natural oils of the hair, not to mention it helps you get another day without having to use the flat iron or curling iron on it.

*Use a satin pillow case. I know that may sound old fashioned but it is truly so much better for your hair. I even carry my satin pillow case with me when I travel.
*Protect your hair from the sun! When you are applying your daily sunscreen to your face, neck, and tops of the hands, don’t forget your hair. Ask you stylist what leave in hair product they can recommend that has sunscreen in it. It will keep your hair healthier and it will also help your color to last longer.

*Wear a hat if you are going to be enjoying prolonged exposure to the sun. It will also protect your ends and your color. I noticed that my hair was getting bleached out just from having my sunroof open while riding around in sunny Florida, so don’t underestimate the damage the sun can do not only on your skin, but also to your hair.
*Diet- I stand by this simple phrase that I share with my clients, junk in= junk out. You can’t expect to have healthy hair and walk around nutrient deficient. You may be able to in your early years but trust me it will catch up with you. Avoid processed foods and diets high in sugar. Add in raw, unsalted almonds, wild salmon, avocado, sesame seeds, and sweet potatoes (unless of course your doctor has told you to avoid any of those foods).
*I drink lots of water every day and I add in smoothies and protein shakes to my daily diet. I use almond milk and I avoid dairy. I also use a plant based protein powder in my shakes and smoothies so that I can get in the protein and nutrients that my body needs.

*Get that hair trimmed! Even if you are trying to grow your hair out you still need to get it trimmed. It will not only look thicker but it will also grow faster when you keep the ends trimmed every 4-6 weeks depending on your hair.

*Find an expert colorist (or book an appointment with me) that will not overlap your bleach or over process your hair color. Also talk to your stylist about the possibilities of a semi permanent color or a demi permanent color vs permanent hair color.


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